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Qubix 4 boasts LEED Platinum certification. FV KLIMA ceiling cooling contributed to this.

A first Czech building office, which became a holder of LEED Platinum – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a  Building office situated in Prague. 

FV PLAST supplied a cooling system to a developer which provided the reconstruction of the building- QUBIX 4 PRAHA.  

Reconstruction with a primery goal of max sustainability

The developing company Plan & Bau ČR paid attention to sustainability and comfort. From this reason we used a cooling register CoolGRID in the plaster of the ceiling. Registers have been made according to the project drawings. The achievement is a combination of radiant cooling system which is possibly to control due to thermostats in all the areas of the offices.

The building QUBIX 4 PRAHA is building office which collects one award after another. Also it is a very popular building among Prague citizens, architectures and thanks to low energy consumption and sustainable solution has the environment-friendly certificate. FV KLIMA system shows up by 40% less energy consuming. 

Systems in the Building are design in the way that limits thermal divergences, differences in the air temperature, draught and other unpleasant effects. 

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