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The cooling system FV KLIMA is suitable especially for the rooms where a classical A/C systems would cause draught or unpleasant feelings. FV KLIMA is a solution not only for building offices but also for family houses or villas. The implementation of the system in a small villa in Lošov might be a good example.

Cooling system - perfect solution and the way to pleasant feeling

Our investor was looking for a solution which would bring him a pleasant climate, especially during hot summers. However he refused a classical A/C, from the reasons of draught and impact on interior design. He was afraid of healthy problems which a classical systems can cause. Last not least he wanted to limit maintenance of a cooling solution for his house.

He was looking for a economical and maintenance-free cooling system with a long life-time expectancy. The FV KLIMA meets all these requirements.

What was a designed solution?

We installed a cooling registers CoolFLEX, designed for a plasterboards ceilings, tailored to a particular ceilings.

CoolFLEX is an innovative system of aluminum registers that consists of polybutylene pipes with an oxygen barrier inside.  These pipes are sealed between two thermally conductive aluminum follies. 

These give a high performance and balanced distribution of heat or cold in the whole active area of ceilings, walls or floors.

The client could test this system even the first oncoming season and he was a very happy having the FV KLIMA. He does appreciate a quiet and maintenance-free running. He just sets up a temperature in the room and that´s all. He says that a pleasant cold light air coming down giving him a pleasant inner feeling.

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