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Together with our customer we tried to fing a solution for his house in a new small residential area in the city of Prague - Satalice. We planned an heating/cooling system operating during all seasons. The client reguested a solution which would offer a comfort of heating and cooling without unpleasant drought which he got to know well in the office-building where he worked. As much as he denied to install any other source of heat or cold in the household or outdoor place.

A solution is to installation of a heat pump

According to the variety of roof construction we recommended and designed cooling registers of the System FV KLIMA, vhich are suitable for plasterboard ceiling. They were designed and produced according to a project documentation. As a source of cold has been installed air to water heat pump with an inverter technology, which is possibly to use for heating as much as cooling. Due to this solution our client optimized his expenses and also he did not need to find a place for the other oiler. With usage of FV KLIMA systems the heat pump achieves a high performace and effectivity, giving a cold pleasant clima with a very economy achievement.

A cooling with heat pumps is a very economical solution for living areas. If the heat pump is installed in residential buildings it might be currently practical using the systems for "both ways" heating as much as cooling.

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