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As part of the renovation of a family house from the 1930s, the investor also considered radiant ceiling cooling, which he knew from his travels abroad. After initial discussion, he finally decided to use radiant ceiling cooling/heating on the upper floors. On the ground floor and basement, he used a standard underfloor heating (cooling) system.

Combination of CoolFLEX and FV THERM system - a solution for year-round operation

The heating/cooling source is an air-to-water heat pump. The water circuit of radiant heating/cooling system is connected to this source. There is used FV THERM floor system in the basement and the 1st floor and CoolFLEX system (from range of FV KLIMA system) is used at the 2nd floor and attic. The heat pump produces water with a gradient of 16/19 ° C in summer and 40/35 ° C in winter. The water treated in this way ensures a favorable climate throughout the building all year round.

At first, the investor did not trust that the heating ceilings would work safely in the winter heating mode (he also installed radiators on the upper floors to be sure). We are pleased that after commissioning of the heat pump in February 2021, he confirmed that the radiators do not have to be switched on and the CoolFLEX radiant ceiling heating panels works at 100%.
Radiant cooling and heating systems can be perfectly used not only in new buildings, but also in renovated houses. Make full use of your heat pump with the right combination of floor and ceiling heating and cooling system. FV KLIMA and FV THERM systems are also adapted for such a combination in terms of control elements.

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